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Meet the Team

seniority (not importance!)
darren's picture
Creative Director, Founder

Sporting the messiest desk in the office, Darren "handles" the Minster office. Master of the "do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do" mentality, Darren doesn't Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or blog. Yet. Aside from day-to-day activities at Midnet, he serves as the Creative Director and still finds time occasionally to show the youngsters in the office his mad design skillz.

Mike Wilson's picture
V.P. of Sales & Marketing

Before joining the Midnet team, Mike worked for the Detroit Tigers and The Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. With a background in journalism and public relations, he handles project management and has become our resident wordsmithing (Mike, is this the write werd?) geek.

curt's picture
Interactive Specialist

As a visual communications graduate, Curt has broadened his skills to all facets of interactive design. Flash, video, pre- and post-production, and creative editing are his trademarks. He is the founder of Tabfest, an annual charity music festival, and is president of the Harmony for Ohio Foundation board. HOF's mission is to help children and their families in times of need.

phil's picture
Senior Developer

Phil is known around the Midnet office as the Chief Architect, go-to guy, and in-house Oktoberfest junkie. As head of development, he expertly crafts content management systems that our clients can easily learn and understand. You'll find him at Arrowhead golf course here in Minster most evenings and weekends, attempting to lower his current 6 handicap.

Ryan's picture
SEO Ninja & Web Developer

Ryan came to Midnet fresh from Honda Manufacturing of America, where he served as a utility IT Specialist. At Midnet, he parlays his utility and IT experiences while serving as our SEO authority, while also providing some Drupal development support.

An ardent comic fan, Ryan raises money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research and soon-to-be Dayton Children’s Hospital as well, by dressing up as Batman for children’s birthday parties and events. Ryan is the 2012 recipient of the prestigious “Tabfest Legend” award.

jcavinder's picture
Web Developer

Josh has served two tours of duty with Midnet. He was an intern prior to his 2014 graduation, when he brought home Midnet’s second BGSU Visual Communication Technology degree. Josh is now tackling all things Drupal. You should stop by the Minster office and say “hello” to Josh. Just don’t mention carnies to him. You know, circus folk—nomads...smell like cabbage. Small hands...yup yup.

sydney's picture
Graphic Designer

Born and raised in St. Marys, Sydney Barnes graduated from the School of Advertising Art with a degree in Graphic Design.

From the “Isn’t It Ironic File,” Syd also earned her cosmetology license and counts the movie, Grease, as one of her guilty pleasures. She’s no Beauty School Drop-Out! She creates gorgeous art AND works wonders with a pair of scissors. She even manages to bust Midnetters' wigs sometimes.

Matt Slavin's picture
Marketing Contractor

Matt arrived on Midnet's doorstep in 2015 with a marketing degree from Ohio University and plans to move to the great Village of Minster. After joining the team, Matt was given a short written interview to help craft this very bio you are reading. He replied, "I'm deathly afraid of interviews." Follow up questions were answered "No comment." #privacypolicy

andy.blum's picture
Web Developer

Andy joined the Midnet Team in 2016 following three years teaching Anatomy, Environmental Science, and Physics. As a former educator, he’s now taking on the role of student and learning all things developer. When not in the office, he enjoys playing fantasy football, rocket league, and board games.