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Our Story

Since our founding in 2000, it would be a no small exaggeration to say that Midnet Media has changed. While collaborating with our clients we have taken our skills to the next level and also realized fantastic successes and growth. We have been very fortunate to work for some great clients spanning many industries, and we've gained many friendships because of this thing we call a job.

Midnet rises to the challenge of turning work into works of art.

We pride ourselves on looking at projects from every angle to make sure our solutions are straightforward when simplicity is needed and intricate when appropriate.

Inspiration comes at all hours of the day and night.

Some of Midnet’s best work is produced after the streetlights come on. Sometimes our large projects log hundreds of man-hours that oblige us to work late. We’ve found that creativity doesn't always know what time it is either.

One picture = 1,000 words. Midnet has the BIG box of crayons.

Dad always told us that using the proper tools for the job makes all difference in the world. We listened to dad. Midnet stays on the forefront of technology with our computers, software and other tools that we use to hone our craft.

Form with function has been our calling card since day one.

We let our designers design and our developers develop. The result is a finished product that not only looks great but also handles like a dream.